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I studied ceramics at university in the late 80's but without the resources such as a kiln or wheel my practice fell to the bottom of the list of my creative pursuits. During Covid I began playing with clay again and was totally seduced by the medium again. I absolutely love the process. All the stages of creating with clay, making, drying, firing, glazing, firing again and at each stage never quite knowing what you are going to achieve in the end. The porcelain clay is so beautiful and challenging to work with. A bit like life really. Beautiful, challenging and you never quite know how things will turn out . 

I have explored many directions with clay as you will see by this gallery. My current work is focussed on the glaze inspired by the Blue Mountains where I live. Especially misty days! I adore when the mist is in the valleys and floats between the mountain's ridges. 

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