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Current Work

Alison is currently working on a collection that is exploring healing and mental health. Since studying art therapy she has a personal interest in early childhood trauma, self awareness and healing. Through her art works she is investigating connection - disconnection to ourselves, to our minds, bodies and emotions. 

Authours such as Gabor Mate The Myth of The Normal, When The Body Says No, Dan Seigel, Bessel Vander Kolk The Body Keeps The Score present ideas of trauma, authenticity, the body mind connection, healing,

They explain that dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that is sometimes developed due to traumatic or Traumatic situations * help us survive at the time but as time passes those same survival behaviours can become difficult or even harmful when they no longer serve us. 

When one begins the process of healing, memories and emotions can become overwhelming. The ability to sooth and come back to the present is essential to be able to safely process and heal.

Trauma can be understood in two forms.

Quote GM here: Big T trauma is the major life crisis. Little t trauma can be understood as 

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