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What’s in store for you today? Nothing much…

“Nothing much” were the last words out of my husband’s mouth before a drunk driver drove head on into the taxi that my husband was a passenger in. Four months ago at 6.30 in the morning our lives took on a whole new direction. He was air lifted to emergency and was only just saved from bleeding to death with internal injuries. I got the dreaded emergency call that no one wants to ever get and to rushed to his side.

What an amazing appreciation of life we all have now! My husband looks fine and you would think nothing has happened but our lives have completely changed. He is happy despite his ongoing problems seeing 6 different specialists an OT and our GP that are all looking after the long-term nature of his internal injuries. The ripple effect of the accident has changed things you would not expect. From the food we buy to changing my career. We have come such a long way in 4 months and we still have such a long way to go.

Now you wonder why I am writing about this on my art themed blog?

1. I have not written a post since the accident. Going from wife to full-time carer meant not much spare time for anything much but simply managing. Finally though, I am getting some time for me… so a happy blogger again.

2. My life has shifted. My career is changing and my art is being placed firmly into the role of pleasure – not income. This change is quite wonderful as I am excited about my new direction but it is sad at the same time. As I love creating and I will not be so prolific now.

3. Before the accident (funny, our lives are divided into ‘before the accident’ or ‘after the accident’ now) I was working on a series of paintings I had vaguely named ‘Bitter Sweet’. That single moment in our lives certainly has us tasting both the good and the bad in life and the loads of feelings that go with it!

Here are 2 of the paintings …. I have more and sketched or blocked in. My goal in the next weeks is at least to get the next one finished!



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