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Spot The Illusion

I love it when artists very consciously play with 2 and 3 dimensions. The trompe l’oeil is an obvious form of this. In Chatsworth House, Derbyshire England there are some great examples of the interaction between the different dimensions.

As you can see there is so much decorative gold detail in this room. The stair rails are quite obviously 3 dimensional. Then in the centre of the image there is a vertical panel that looks as if the decoration is created in relief.

Then to the left of the image is this…

A beautifully painted trompe l’oeil that mimics all the gorgeous gold details in the room.

This was in a photo from within the chapel in Chatsworth House.

There was no actual cornice but a curved surface in it’s place and then the detail of a cornice painted in. Amazing!

It was fun playing spot the illusion while wandering in this incredible house.

This play between 2 and 3 dimensions have inspired me in one of my current creative projects. I have written a children’s book and am now in the process of illustrating it. The images are photos of dioramas. They combine the 3d figures and objects I create for my cake toppers combined with 2d drawings.

I love creating!

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