• Alison Rose

Princesses And Wombats

I love my work. Increasingly I am being asked to create more off beat and quirky things. I adore creating my mini princess.

There are so many variations of wonderful wedding gowns. Suits are also becoming increasing different too. But when people ask me to create something really different for their cake topper I LOVE it! I get butterflies of excitement. I instantly begin thinking about the best way to create it, them, this or that. Last week it was a wombat!

The wombat was for a surprise birthday party from a very sweet girl to her boyfriend. His nick name of course is…Wombat. One of my favourite Children’s picture books is Diary of a Wombat. It is illustrated by Bruce Whatley. The gorgeous wombat he draws is just so lovely I used it as inspiration for this funny little creature. Co-incedentlly the boyfriend called Wombat received the same book for Christmas!

Every topper I make is unique – a miniature sculpture every time!

I feel so lucky to create every day.

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