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It’s Just A Name

Once upon a time I was given a nick name, Zebra. At the time I was attempting to earn some money as a waitress. Humn, not my skill apparently. The name Zebra was chosen for me because sometimes I was fantastic and sometimes hopeless. I think I talked to much to the customers at times… Needless to say I did not last long in that career but I have embraced that animal as my favourite because of that experience anyhow! I love that baby Zebras recognise their mother by the pattern of the stripes. Each animal has a unique pattern that is like a fingerprint.

There seems to be a real theme going in my life at the moment. I chose this as a suitcase for a trip in May on the weekend.

My daughter’s class is named the Zebras. This is art work that they created on their first day.

And a photo I took at the Zoo last week.

And I can’t forget the wonderful cake Bella and I created last year…

I wonder if the nick name still applies to my life now? LOL

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