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All Creatures Great and Small

Yesterday, Australia Day was a wonderful outing for my family to the Zoo. My gorgeous 13 yr old was the catalyst for the excursion. He attended Keeper For A Day. His first official step towards his dream of animal care and training for his career.  What a wonderful experience it was for him. The group of teenagers went behind the scenes and experienced the day to day running of the Zoo. I have not known someone so focused on his career from so young. From 10yrs old in fact! This is the cake topper I made him for him as a surprise for his 13th birthday party this month.

Animal Lover

As I had not experimented with a particular lens that came with my camera, the day at the Zoo was a great opportunity to play!

Miniature Frog

No Photos Please


Our family love a good practical joke. As it is really hard to sometimes get just that perfect photo with out editing, cropping etc I decided to show off ‘my’ photography skills with my new lens. I took a photo of a great shot that was printed on a poster. Later that day showing my husband all the photos he expressed what a great shot it was – a better reaction was my sister “Wow it is like National Geographic”. I loved the good laugh after I told them what I had done! I know they believe in my abilities but what faith in me! Great to have my family support me. I am a lucky girl! (PHOTO mentioned not shown due to respect for copyright…)

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