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What makes a great photo for a portrait? Use these tips for taking the best shots.

Use even lighting.

Don't take photos in dark rooms or in very bright sunlight where the sun can create harsh shadows. Take your photos on an overcast day or in the early morning or late afternoon. If it is a bright and sunny day take your photo in the shade. If you are indoors, take your photos near a light source such as a window or door. Check your photos after you have taken them for even lighting and lots of ‘information’ in both the light and dark areas.

Take a close up of head and shoulders

A portrait is typically head and shoulders. Get down to your pet’s eye level. Don’t take your photos from above or below. Take the photos at the direct eye line of your pet. Use a portrait orientation on your phone or camera and as close to their face as possible making sure all the head and shoulders are in the image. No need to have lots of background in the image. 


Alternatively some people like a profile image of their pet so use these principles but take the image from side on.

Compare the two images below.

The first one has too much background, it is landscape orientation and the image is washed out with poor lighting. The second image is portrait orientation, close up and you can see lots of detail in the light and dark areas of the fur. The second image will be the best to create a your pet portrait.

Poor Photo
Great photo
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